Secutor Capital Management Corporation’s (“SCMC’s”) client-based research suggests that there is a wonderful opportunity to improve the connection between our clients’ futures and our mandate to assist them in reaching their goals.

Should you choose to participate in the program, together we will delve more deeply into quantifying and documenting your personal and family financial goals. Your increased commitment to this process and the mutual accountability required to execute it will assist us in creating a more formal and personalized financial blueprint for your benefit, both now and into the future.

Financial Needs Analysis

  1. Financial Planning and Financial Plans;
  2. Net Worth Overview;
  3. Cash Flow Overview;
  4. Income Tax Overview;
  5. Retirement Overview;
  6. Insurance Overview;
  7. Estate Overview.

With your input, this will enhance our ability to aggregate, organize, review, benchmark, and communicate with you, year-over-year.